Announcing . . . Virtual Travel with Explore Up Close!

Greetings Explore Up Close friends, 

We're happy to announce a fun and intriguing "virtual travel" series that we'll send to you by email every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We're excited to continue to bring our exploration to you, in the comfort of your home! It's our hope that this will keep our minds and hearts traveling, even while we stay in place right now.

Here's what to look forward to in your inbox each week . . .

Each Monday, we'll share a mystery photo from our travels - and it's up to you to guess where it is! Stay tuned for our first photo, coming later today . . .

On Wednesdays, we'll reveal the location of our mystery photo, along with snippets of stories related to this place. We'll also engage with questions that we receive via email, so if there is something that you've been wondering - from our favorite places, to travel logistics, we encourage you to ask away!

Each Friday, we'll spice things up with a fun travel video from our team. Now . . . where did I put my movie director's beret?!

If you aren't currently on our mailing list, but would like to receive our Virtual Travel series, simply click here to join our mailing list. 

We could all use a bit of an escape right now, so we warmly invite you to join in the fun, and share this series with your friends. Here's to past and future adventures!


Chumley Cope
Explore Up Close Founder

Posted on March 23rd in Virtual Travel Series