Virtual Travel Video: Northern Ireland's Presbyterian Heritage in SC


Our latest Virtual Travel video focuses on the story of a community of early Scots-Irish Presbyterians in Chester County, South Carolina

William Martin was a Presbyterian minister who fled religious persecution in Northern Ireland in the 1770s, and brought his congregation of around 500 families to live in what's now Chester County, South Carolina. Martin and many of his parishioners worshiped at the Catholic Presbyterian Church - an intriguing name, which we'll explain!

During the American Revolution, Reverend Martin became what the frustrated British called a "sedition preacher" - a man who effectively stirred Patriot support in his community from his pulpit. Since churches served as key gathering spots for rural colonial communities, local preachers were often effective recruiters for the cause. Men from William Martin's congregation would ultimately form two entire Patriot regiments! 

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Posted on May 29th in Virtual Travel Series