Virtual Travel Video: Mary H. Wright School, Spartanburg, SC

We invite you to enjoy today's virtual travel experience!

For today's Virtual Travel experience, we're exploring some of South Carolina's mid-century Civil Rights history! Join us as we visit the Mary H. Wright School, in Spartanburg, South Carolina -- one of the state's best examples of an Equalization School. What's an Equalization School, you may ask? Join Explore Up Close founder Chumley Cope on location to find out!

These were South Carolina's last-ditch efforts to stave off integration in the public schools, by funding state-of-the-art schools for African-American children. It was an attempt to prolong the entrenched concept of "separate but equal" public facilities -- including schools -- established by the Supreme Court in 1896. But by 1950, a bundle of court cases (including Briggs v. Elliott, from Clarendon County, SC) was making its way to the land's highest court, challenging the idea that "separate" was indeed "equal." Our latest video includes photos of education pioneer, Mary Wright, and a circa 1925 school for African-American school children in the rural Carolina Piedmont.

Posted on June 12th in Virtual Travel Series