Elevation from Within: The Johnson Collection

This Virtual Tour features the Johnson Collection’s latest exhibit on view at Wofford College, “Elevation from Within: The Art of Historically Black Colleges and Universities.”

This is part of our signature Virtual Travel, which can be enjoyed year-round through our Southeastern Explorers Club!  Explore from home with us through photography, videos, and online events showcasing stories of the Southeast.

About this exhibit, from the Johnson Collection:

“Antebellum black colleges and universities – “an unapologetic Black space” – grew to over ninety institutions by 1900; in the 1930s, the number of campuses peaked at 121. As the twentieth century progressed and court decisions secured scholastic opportunities for African Americans, approximately seventy-five percent of all black students attending college in the United States were enrolled at historically black colleges and universities—defined as those established before 1964. HBCU classrooms and studios, fine arts departments nurtured gifted African Americans eager to articulate their individual genius, as well as their shared cultural heritage.” x

Just as our own travel is deeply rooted in nuanced exploration of the American South, the Johnson Collection offers a fresh look at the Southern experience through art. We are delighted to partner with them for this Virtual Tour, and hope that you enjoy this mesmerizing glimpse into the art created by 20th century Black artists of the South.

This exhibit is currently on view at the Rosalind Sallenger Richardson Center for the Arts at Wofford College (Spartanburg, South Carolina) through December 17, 2021. For more information, please visit the Johnson Collection’s website here.

Photo (top of the page) courtesy of Wofford College / The Johnson Collection