The Jumonville Affair

It’s a little-known episode today. And it involved a not-so-famous American militia officer. His name was George Washington, and he was 22 years old.

The setting — somewhat off the beaten track today, in the mountains of southwestern Pennsylvania — was perfectly strategic in 1754. The protagonist was a junior grade officer in the French army, born and reared in French Canada. His family held a title of nobility from an estate near Poitiers, in France’s heartland. The antagonist was Tanaghrisson — a Seneca warrior, convinced that his adopted father had died — and died badly — at the hands of the French. Was what happened in a greening glen in the Pennsylvania mountains an unfortunate incident, a misunderstanding . . . or an “assassination?” In the balance hung the likelihood of a world war.

Join Chumley on location in the Jumonville Glen, where we pick up the story. Off the beaten track — yes; but also the eye of the storm, in 1754. In fact, it was nothing short of the start of the French and Indian War.