Travel Guide: Pendleton, South Carolina

How many South Carolina towns do you know that have what you can’t help but call a “village green?” 

Only one is coming to my mind – and that’s Pendleton. 

Yes:  a place that used to be far more important than it is now.  How do I describe Pendleton?  Here are a few possible monikers: 

“Flat Rock in the Piedmont” . . . or perhaps  “Landrum Lite.” 


A bit of history

Pendleton was indeed settled in part as a “summer colony” town by the so-called Low Country Elite, at least 10 years before a road was built to Flat Rock (outside of Hendersonville, NC).  So, like Flat Rock, the side-lanes conceal antebellum homes enjoying a very low-key existence.

One of the great church cemeteries to explore in South Carolina is the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Graveyard – which attests to those families that dominated power in the state, and includes plenty of Calhouns and Clemsons.  We could describe St. Paul’s as the Pendleton kin of St. John in the Wilderness in Flat Rock.  Check out the photo of St. Paul’s, below  (click on any photo to enlarge). 

A day out in Pendleton

Happily for Southeastern Explorers like us – Pendleton has enough downtown “life” in it these days (hence my “Landrum Lite” reference), there are several eateries and drinkeries, mainly located along the village green or square.

Take a look at the photos below, and then explore our interactive map for the Pendleton area.  I’ve highlighted several of those said eateries / drinkeries, and also a number of places that merit further exploration.  

Pendleton is a place to explore in any season – and that would include a nice February day.  The museums and historic homes (I’ve listed two) are only open “toward the weekend,” so again – it’s a good idea to consult their website, or better yet, call first!


If you just click on a dot (on the map) or the name of a place (side of the map or “legend”), you’ll get the website, street address, and telephone number of the place.  Remember, quirky hours abound – so give a call before you venture out.